DesignerScapes Landscape Design is an innovative and progressive Landscape Design practice based on Sydney's Northern Beaches.
Whether you wish to transform an existing space or start afresh the process is simple!
The key to a successful landscape project is in the planning! Let us help you plan your dream garden.

About Us

DesignerScapes Landscape Design is a small design practice working collaboratively with architects/building designers, developers, landscape contractors and landowners to provide cost effective landscape design services to determine a successful landscape outcome.
At DesignerScapes Landscape Design our 'Mission Statement' is to provide our clients with solutions to their outdoor spaces, whether the space is a small courtyard, windswept coastal garden, front garden/entry or a rooftop garden, recognizing a 'sense of place' anddesigning articulated transitions between landscape andthe built environment.
We are focused on using simple design principles complemented with a diverse range of natural, man made materials and contemporary planting schemes to create your dream garden.